69 Sex Position – Give Your Sex Life An Excitement Blast


Sex can be exhilarating if you can try bold moves and different positions. The 69 position is one such move that offers both partners extreme pleasure at the same time. If you wish to take the level of pleasure a tad higher, try the following tricks with your professional escort. 

Use Vibrators

One of the ways to elevate the stimulation from your 69 position can be using vibrators. If you are not sure about how it helps, your escort might enlighten you. Enjoying 69 involves sucking the vagina of the woman. 

So, men can easily use one of their hands to offer the clitoris more stimulation using vibrators. If you do not have a vibrator right in front of you, use your fingers instead. Your escort will moan louder once you try this trick. 

Mount a Swing

If you have hired an escort69 will be more fun than ever. To take your experience to the next level, mount a swing. However, make sure that the swing is firmly fixed to the ceiling to avoid any unpleasant accidents. 

If you have such a swing, let your escort get laid on it and you can start the action. Typically, 69 sex positions mean a man lying on top of a woman in such a way that both get easy access to each other genitals. 

But, when you do it on a swing, the pleasure derived from the suction and the rhythmic movement of the swing doubles the excitement. 

Keep The Hands Busy

Enacting the 69 sex position is all about using your mouth to such your partner’s genitals at the same time. But, why should the hands be dormant through the process when they can enhance your pleasure? 

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As a professional aware of the ways of carnal pleasure, your escort will rub your sensitive parts with her hands while sucking your cock passionately. You should also try your hands on her to help her moan louder. 

Wear Revealing Sexy Clothes

Some people prefer having a 69 position without wearing a shred of a thread. However, according to sex experts, hindrances and obstacles sometimes elevate pleasure.  You will find a lot of revealing dresses available in the market for lovemaking. 

Try any of those and your pleasure from 69 positions will only enhance. However, check if the dress allows easy access to the sensitive parts and the genitals or not.  

After all, at the height of excitement, no one would like to undergo the trouble of untying the drawstring of bottom wear to reach the vagina or the penis. You can also take your escort’s suggestion before buying sexy clothes for 69-position. 

Enjoy It Without Ejaculating

The moment you cum, the level of excitement suddenly drops. If you want your 69-sex position to last longer, do not cum quickly. But, how can you hold it? Your escort would know when to stop and restart. 

Professional call girls generally do not continue the 69 position sucking seamlessly. They often rub your testicles and under-thigh areas to keep you hot but away from ejaculating.

Once your penis partially loses its erection, they start the blowjob once more. This helps to stretch the 69 position for several minutes until you are ready to load off. 

Change Your Oral Sex Moves

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Listening to the woman lying under you moaning with pleasure and craving your cocks inside her vagina is sometimes more pleasurable than the act of intercourse. When you try 69-position with a hired, professional escort, do not let the fire die fast. 

Use your tongue creatively. Do not just suck, lick, rotate your tongue around the vagina, and sometimes just kiss. Give your girl a combination of excitement of all degrees. This will keep her hot and juicy and longing for more. 

Get Watched

Another way to multiply your pleasure while enacting the 69 position can be keeping a spectator to watch you. 

If you perform the entire act in front of another person, the level of excitement increases, instantly. If you are okay with this idea and your escort agrees, you can try this to add a dose of adventure to your sex life.  

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